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Looking at Kua with a grin, “Come on, don't be such a baby!” he laughed. Kua continued to look away with her nose in the air as if Katesh was just being silly. “Really? You're just going to stick around with these losers? Kua, they only keep us around so that they can toss us into the War to get killed and you know it!” he sneered trying to get the small Crescent to open her eyes and realize. Kua still didn't answer him and he began to circle her, “You know I would never lie to you. We're not like them. We're smarter then they're, Kua... Lets just leave! I'll protect you and we'll start our own Pride!” he winked at her. Kua huffed but still no words. “You want to stay here with these fools then fine! But don't think I'm coming back for you when you change your mind. I'm going for good! Your Father is no King; he's a joke! You think he'll give you some special treatment because you're his Daughter well that is a load of crap. You know he's already got you and 'Akahi set up for training first with General Vestro...” he yelled. Kua just shook her head, “Go, Katesh... Just go...” she cried. Katesh snarled and turned to leave, “So be it...” and he was off. Was this a mistake; should he have left? Years passed and his heart was heavy. The lights and colors at first were very limited. My eyelids were so heavy. Darkness surrounded me until I gained the courage to take my first step out into this new World. The cold chill that remained in my body no matter the heat. Katesh had wandered for what felt like years but was only months in these strange lands. Flashbacks of others just like him flooded his mind but he could not come to a conclusion on whether they were just a dream or apart of his reality. The last thing he could remember was the molten hot lava eating at his flesh while the Jasper God laughed at his pleads. What did the Jasper God want with him and who resurrected him? Did he do it? If so, why? Who would of been that stupid to do something like that? His last words to Katesh were, “Your second thoughts because of your Family and Brother made you weak. I grant you your punishment of mortality. You'll watch your loved ones die and you won't be able to do one thing.” Jasper laughed. And then Katesh rose to the surface and he laid there in the ashes as Jasper fled to the Heavens. What had he done?
Telun sat at the top of the hill just a few miles away form her home and she smiled breathing in the fresh air. She never had life easy; she was always alone one way or another but since Nyx, Corvus, and Soturi came back into her life things were starting to look up. Things got even better when her Daughter, Nuru, found her. Telun came to a point in life where she was now going to step down as Queen and pass her “crown” onto her Sister, Nyx. It would be better that way and Telun just wanted to start over in life. This journey did her good and she had come to realize a lot about herself. She found out that she actually was a Gemstone; she was actually a Quartz. She looked at Lenah and smiled, “Well, it's time to bring you home little one.” she picked her Pyrite cub up into her maw with Pride. She had wondered what her Pride would think of her when they seen her new Cub. She wondered what Soturi would think. Secretly she loved Soturi but she couldn't pause her life and wait around for a Lion that didn't have the same feelings for her. The Lion didn't even come say goodbye to her when she left and that's when Telun decided that she couldn't wait any longer. The healer she was sent to get had already went ahead but agreed not to tell the others why Telun took a few extra days to stay behind. As the den became more clear as she was getting closer she began to get nervous but she was still excited to see everyone. She carried her Daughter gently and smiled, “Welcome home...”


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